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QAonTOP is the only solution for desktop testing because of its broad technology support, unequaled object recognition, comprehensive IDE, open API, code and codeless alternatives, and cross-technology capabilities.

QAonTOP Advantages

Advantages of desktop test automation with QAonTOP


Complete coverage of the platform

Quality is essential to the ZappleTech team. As a result, your desktop program will be thoroughly tested, as you can only imagine.


Independent of location

No matter where your company is located, our team is ready to conduct desktop application testing and guarantee that the process is transparent.


Agnostic methodology

Any methodology you’re used to working with is there at your fingertips. Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Waterfall, and other methodologies are used.


Flexible and scalable

To ensure you profit from our collaboration, we adapt our execution to your business needs. You can count on fair pricing and high-quality service.

We solve desktop test automation challenges:

We have significantly improved the KPI of various QA processes by desktop testing, from security and usability to testing on different devices. Get a free and easy consultation. Let’s discuss our cooperation!

Complex Use Cases

Desktop applications are typically more extensive and more complex than online or mobile applications. This leads to a larger testing surface area, which often needs testers to be skilled/familiar with the program to test it thoroughly.


The hardware used by customers in desktop settings varies greatly. Beyond fulfilling basic requirements, RAM, graphics cards, CPUs, and other components can all have an impact on the application’s performance.


Although your program may run on a desktop, testing functionality and performance in conjunction with components that require internet connectivity is critical.


Desktop users have more flexibility than users of any other platform in terms of which apps are running and, as a result, how this affects the performance of other applications.

System of Operation

OS versions, like hardware, vary widely and can have unintended repercussions for customers who don’t use the versions you typically test or officially support.

Why Our Services

New dangers and attack vectors emerge on a regular basis in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. In order to discover, evaluate, and prioritize risks to data, operations, technology, and people, your business must have a regular cycle of security assessment and penetration testing activities. Your organization will be able to accomplish the following by utilizing our cyber security evaluation and testing services:

We Deliver Consistent Quality on Desktop Apps Worthy of Installation

Users put a lot more trust in any application they’ve let onto their desktop, whether at home or at work. That is why dependability is so essential. Testlio can assist you with delivering a consistent experience across multiple workstations and operating systems.

Learn more about task success, customization, and usability.

Our experienced testers provide vital input on your application’s user experience. Actions must be accomplished with the least amount of effort possible to provide excellent usability. If you want to learn more about those features, ZappleTech easily provide it to you

To Keep Up with Peak Demands, Desktop Application Testing

We put your desktop application through its paces to see how it handles peak loads. We can assist you in identifying the moments of peak strain that require testing, whether it’s enormous files on a single-instance application or significant traffic from multiple workstations.

Our web testing process at a glance

From roadmap planning to test tool selection, test execution, and test automation, we provide end-to-end online desktop testing services. Working with us can help you speed up software releases and eliminate production problems.

Testing Desktop Applications: Best Practices

p>A detailed plan will assist you in identifying the predetermined requirements and prioritizing which tests to automate.

As early as possible, ensure that your staff completely comprehends the requirements. Determine the state the application under test (AUT) should be in, so you can travel around it simply in the future.

Plan ahead of time how you’ll generate, consume, and clean the data you’ll need.

Before you begin testing, make a plan

Choosing the most appropriate framework is a crucial step in maximizing the testing process’s capabilities.

When it comes to automation testing technologies, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Desktop automation solutions are available for specific operating systems, while some are limited to particular scripting languages, such as Python.

When it comes to testing desktop apps, you need a solution that allows you to investigate UI elements as thoroughly as possible. Your team must select a tool that can display properties such as name, ID, and class name, among others, during the testing process, depending on the AUT.
Without adequate management of both test ideas and tool usage, desktop app testing projects can be stressful. This issue can be handled by adopting a low-maintenance approach, which prioritizes test artifact reusability and upkeep at all stages of desktop app testing.

Frameworks and solutions

What Tools We Use

We use modern test automation stack as well as building custom tools and frameworks

Our web testing process at a glance

Our security testing services include IT auditing and penetration testing, as well as ongoing suggestions to protect your data. If your company needs software security testing, you can count on us to meet all of your requirements.
Privilege Escalation
Presentation of results
of the project
Penetration (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Accordion Content
Desktop app testing is a type of software testing that looks at the app’s functionality, security, usability, and stability once it’s been installed. To fully cover the app’s testing needs, you must pay particular attention to installation and uninstalling tests while testing desktop apps.

WinAppDriver. This is an open-source testing framework built by Microsoft to support Selenium-like test automation for Windows. It supports testing Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms (WinForms) and Classic Windows (Win32) apps on Windows 10 OS.

  • Functional testing
  • GUI feature testing
  • Load testing
  • Backend (database) testing
  • Memory leaks defect testing
  • Compatibility testing
When the quality is certain to improve. Human error is no longer a possibility thanks to automation. As a result, the adoption of automated testing can drastically increase quality in particular cases. However, you may perform hundreds of tests at once, ensuring that you produce a well tested product that can be retested multiple times.


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